The Power of Cute

Evidence to support the undeniable truth that Korean children are cuter than any others on planet Earth.

4th grader: “Teacher, why teacher have blue eyes?”

Me: “Well, I don’t know. My dad has blue yes, so I do too. Does your dad have brown eyes?”

4th grader: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, there you go!”

4th grader, when given the option to change his assigned seat for the day, chose a seat with no partner in the chair beside him. He’s the highest level student in the school (practically bi-lingual), incredibly polite, and cleverly foresaw that if he had no partner during the lesson, I would be obliged to be his partner during the game.

Me to class: “Hello everyone! How are you today?”

6th grade boy: “You are so beautiful.”

Me: “Why, thank you.”

Class: “OOOOOoooohhhh!!!”

Me: “What?”

Class: “Love!”

Me: “Uh…NO. Okay, everyone open your books…”

Tiny 3rd grader: “Hello teacher!”

Me: “Hello! How are you today?”

Tiny 3rd grader: “I’m Korea!”

(I’m not sure if he knows what he’s saying, but he knows it makes me laugh, so he responds this way every time.)

3rd grader, looking at a world map: “Where is the Vatican?”

4th grader, referring to his friend during a game: “He has the perfect poker face!”

3rd grader: “Teacher! High five! One more time! One more time! One more time!”

(When she became a 4th grader, the high-fives became less frequent but more painful.)

Me: “Hello everyone! How are you today?”

5th grader: “I am ALWAYS tired!” (emphatically and enthusiastically stated, every single time)

6th grader, leaning forward and blatantly staring into my eyes: “Oh teacher, your eyes are so beautiful!”

Me: “Oh, thank you. That’s very nice. Now do your work.” [tap finger on student’s textbook]

A minute later…

6th grader: “Teacher!”

Me: “Uhm hmm. Yes, I know. Do your work.”

6th grader: “Oh, teacher, I love the color of your eyes!” [points to textbook. She had drawn a picture of one of my eyes.]

3rd grader, in robot voice: “Hello. Hello. Hello.” (shuffles up to me sideways, with a funny look on his face)

Me: “Hello! How are you today?”

3rd grader, in robot voice: “Happy. Happy. Happy.” (begins to gently prod my arm)

Aforementioned 3rd grader: “Hello!” (grabs his backpack, does some antic by putting it on backwards and tying himself to the backpacks hook, then falls down on the ground, all the while giggling and looking at me)

Me: (puzzled expression)

3rd grader: “Hehehe! Go to the home! Go to the home!” (walks down the hallway and pretends he is going home, still giggling)

4th grader: “Teacher!”

Me: “Yes?”

4th: “Um…uh…high five!”

4th grader, exiting the classroom: “My name is fish killer.”


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