About Roaming Nomi

This blog chronicles the misadventures and memories of an expat English teacher in Korea.


The author was afflicted with a lifelong music problem, so she eventually gave in and decided to get a degree in it. She thought it would be fun to play the most inconvenient instrument ever, so she took up harp lessons two weeks before getting accepted at her university. To her astonishment, she somehow graduated in 2014 and ended up in Korea a few months later.

Interests fluctuate on a daily basis, but always include loving Jesus, loving people, drinking tea, making faces, cycling, and reading Chesterton. English is a terrible language, so the author firmly believes that until the glorious day when it is outlawed, English teachers are obligated to make learning English as painless as possible for students. She doesn’t know how that’s possible in a classroom filled with elementary kids who much prefer speaking Korean, but she’s committed to either a.) learn how, or b.) die trying.

 “If you only do what you know you can do, you never do very much.” -Tom Krause



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